Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rue Morgue Radio Rules!

It's pretty typical of me to be late to the party.

Seems I'm always getting into things later than everyone else, whether it be movies, music, or books. But this time I'm still in time to catch the main event - and I have Jeano Roid from the Creeping Cruds to thank for it.

What I'm talking about is the Rue Morgue Radio Broadcast. I've been aware of this podcast for a long time, I just never took the time to seek it out. Now I've had a little experience with podcasts in my time, mostly through Cult Radio a Go-Go (winner of last year's best podcast category in the Rondo Awards) and the horror hosts who have their own shows on there. Heck, I even did my own podcast for a few episodes on Cult Radio a Go-Go - I think I did four in total, one a month. It was a lot more work than I was able to pull off at that time, but it was a fun experience. I also listen to several podcasts from Garagepunk.com, various shows featuring garage, punk and low-fi music (great stuff, btw).

Anyway, a few weeks back I was talking to Jeano about some projects we're working on and he asked me if I do podcasts? I said sure, some, but why? He mentioned that Rue Morgue had done a great interview with him about his band, the Creeping Cruds, and if I'm interested I should check it out. So I did. I found the archives section on their webpage and downloaded the podcast featuring the Cruds, and a couple other past episodes while I was at it.

After the first episode I was intrigued - after the second I wanted more - and now I'm hooked!

Rue Morgue Radio is a multimedia extension of their magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, and is produced in Canada. It is a very professionally put together podcast, not just a bunch of songs slapped together like my podcasts were! They feature an eclectic mix of horror music from a variety of musicians, bands and movies, interviews with horror actors, directors and celebrities, and reviews of both modern and classic (and not so classic) horror movies, as well as trailers and clips from films, too. Being north of the US border gives them a unique outlook on the horror landscape, in my opinion, and definitely allows them to spotlight creators and events from that area.

While Rue Morgue Radio is billed as a blood splattered guide to all things horror. It is funny and irreverent, modern and hip, yet still manages to maintain a sort of classic horror vibe with tributes and segments honoring legends of horror such as Vincent Price and Zacherley the Cool Ghoul. Rue Morgue Radio has been nominated for a Rondo Award for Best Podcast again this year. Definitely a worthy candidate, and a podcast I will be tuning in to every week! Now excuse me, I have to go download some past episodes of Rue Morgue now...

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