Monday, February 4, 2008

The perfect season

This post has nothing to do with Creature Feature, Dr. Gangrene, or the horror industry in general. So if you're disappointed join me back here tomorrow when I'll get back on topic. Promise.

No, today I'm writing this post as a lifelong football fan. Super Bowl XLII concluded Sunday night with a 17-14 victory by the underdog New York Giants. It was, without a doubt, the best Super Bowl game I've ever watched.

All week the main topic of conversation leading up to the game was how great the Patriots are – that and an unrelenting comparison between them and the 1972 UNDEFEATED Miami Dolphins. It became in vogue to bash the 72 Dolphins over the past couple of weeks, mainly because of their famous yearly champagne toasts when the last undefeated team falls.

You know what? Those 72 Dolphins have a lot to be proud of. They defeated every team that stood in their way. They went all the way to the Super Bowl and beat a Redskins team that was picked as the favorite. To get there they even had to go on the road to Pittsburgh in their final playoff game and beat the Steelers. And they were the only team EVER to do so.

I am going to quote a section from a post on one of my favorite websites, . This is part of an article Curt Fennel, webmaster, wrote about his beloved 72 Dolphins. (To read the full post go to Look at these stats, and judge for yourself about this team:

The 1972 Miami Dolphins had the number 1 offense and defense, in terms of yards gained and yards allowed. They also lead the league in both points scored and points allowed. They were so dominant running the ball, they had two 1000 yard runners in a 14 game season, both of whom averaged over 5 yards per carry for the year.

The team averaged 4.8 yards per carry running the ball and averaged over 200 yards PER GAME in rushing.

And while the passing game was overshadowed by the run, the Dolphins' top 3 receivers, Paul Warfield, Howard Twilley and Marlin Briscoe EACH averaged over 18 yards per catch. Hall-of-Famer Paul Warfield averaged 20.9 yards per catch.

The 'No-Name' defense, for their part, allowed an average of just 12.2 points per game by opponents.

Yeah, they were that good. And THAT is why they won all their games. And you know what? They didn't have to cheat to do it.

More information surfaced this week about the Patriots videotaping the Rams before the 2002 Superbowl. Belichick showed his complete lack of class after the game, where he left the field early with 1 second left. You think Shula, or Tony Dungy would have acted that way?

The first thing I taught my kids when I coached basketball and soccer was you win AND lose with class. Guess no one ever taught Belichick that. He has a complete disregard for the game, its fans, the rules or anything else except himself and winning. I'm glad the Patriots lost. Karma baby. Karma.

I'm posting some links to some hilarious videos and websites below. Check these out for a good laugh!

And now for a viewpoint from someone who definitely DOESN'T win with class - HERE"S Carl!!

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