Thursday, October 11, 2012

Been a long time...

It's been almost 2 years since I posted here on the 11th tier. When I started this blog I felt that I needed a little separation between myself and the Dr. Gangrene character, and I also felt that some of the personal posts I was putting on the  Dr. Gangrene blog didn't really fit there - they sort of felt out of place. But I slacked off over here and just sort of relapsed into posting everything at the gangrene blog. But, the positive byproduct of that is that traffic has increased by leaps and bounds there. I'm getting hundreds of page views a day, and thousands of visitors per month. Feels good to know people are reading and enjoying what I post over there.

SO, getting back to THIS blog. There have been a lot of changes in my life lately, personally and show-wise. I think I need to utilize this space again for posting stuff that just doesn't really fit over at the other blog. For those interested, I'll be posting a bit more regularly over here and maybe sharing a little more of myself outside of the media stuff.

For my first post, since it's the Halloween season, I thought I'd post some of the decorations we put up at my house this year. We started putting stuff up the last weekend in September. Any earlier than that just doesn't feel right. I added a larger than human size death figure this year in the graveyard. I also put up a dummy in an electric chair on the opposite side. And this year I also think I'll drag my video projector outside and show movies on the wall too. Gonna be a good time - I plan to drag the fire bowl around the front and sit by it too, make our place a hang out spot for folks to warm themselves by the fire and watch some Universal flicks outside!!

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