Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George Romero in Maxim!

You now have an extra reason to go out and pick up the latest Maxim magazine, other than getting a good look at the new Bond girl...

Horror director George Romero is interviewed in a 2 page spread in a retrospective of his career. Nice interview, and worth reading.

The new Bond girl ain't bad either... although I TOTALLY disagree witht heir list of top 7 Bond girls of all time. They lean WAY too heavily toward the last few films... someone needs to go back and look at a few of the Connery films, when they had the most gorgeous women of all the films on screen.
I'd suggest starting with Daniela Bianchi in From Russia with Love. But then I prefer my Bond ladies to look like women, not girls... and they have become increasingly younger looking over the years. Ah well... Olga Kurylenko, the latest Bond girl is beautiful and I will reserve judgement on her, and the film, until I see it.

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